Saturday, 28 December 2013


It was about time that they met themselves.
It never rains, it pours eh?

No Hoard World Blog entries for almost two months and then three within a week!!!???!? Hachi-machi!!

There was just some stuff that I had to tell you all about.

For starters, after all these years, the Batman Villains got to finally meet the actors who played them on Television! It was quite a wonderful day. The Joker still can't believe he has a painted-over mustache on television, though.

Meanwhile, as has been well-documented on The Hoardstagram in both videos and pictures, Castle Grayskull has become quite the Tourist Trap since it landed on Hoard World.

When Hoardax himself hasn't been demanding drinks from "Robot Waiters", he's been running quite a racket. From Grayskull After Dark Dance Parties and charging local tourists to have their photo taken, to using the castle's ample space as an illegal parking garage.

Hoardax has the POWER!!! make five bucks per holiday snap.

The Sorceress was less than impressed with a Wind Raider parked in her loungeroom.

Meanwhile, somebody said THIS on a recent Hoardsmas eBay sale over at the Hoard Store:

"Faultless seller - efficient, great communication and prices. Will use again."

That's probably the best eBay feedback I ever read. Not that I'm playing favourites. I love all positive feedback comments.

So eBay is being pretty excellent to me right now. That's alls I'm sayin'. Compadre. Calm your farm. Ok?

This is literally the best thing that ever happened.

This is not hyperbole. I don't even own a bowl!

And that's it!!

yr pal,


Oooh! Behind The Scenes! Oooh! You've seen some of the magic!

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