Monday, 23 December 2013


You can tell it's getting to be some sort of Holiday Period when stuff like this awesome Kirby-inspired Art by Michael Cho starts turning up and getting re-posted all over the internets.
Picture Credit: Kirby Museum

It's been far too long since I've cracked open this blog and writ in it. It got quite dusty in the time I've been away. There was now a family of Spidermans (pronounced 'Spee-dur-man') living inside it, some of the plastic had begun to yellow, and the electricity had been disconnected.


I'm not low-level cursing at you, dearest Hoard Worlders; There were also actual rats chewing on the Hoard World Blog.

Tumbleweeds rolled past.

You catch my drift. I hope.

Almost two months since the last time I wrote for this particular platform, I have returned. Things have been absolutely nuts lately. All sorts of unlikely events and unexpected set-backs, love and laughter, tears and sadness and happiness.*

However, if I'm perfectly honest, I think I might just be predominantly addicted to The  HOARDSTAGRAM.

If you are one of the 6 or 7 wonderful people out there that are addicted to Hoard World, you owe it to yourself to get addicted to Instagram with me. Don't question it. Embrace it.

Meanwhile, and without losing track of what this entire feature is about, it's beginning to look a lot like Hoardsmas.

And here's how I know.

Check it out, I numbered the ways in which I can tell it's The Holidays, perfectly tailored to your easiest, bite-size, information consumption needs!

1. ManTenor and I went out and got ourselves a Hoardsmas Tree.

This is a given.
If someone brings some form of weird decoration into your house -
there's probably some sort of antiquated seasonal celebration going on.

2. Friday The 13th fell in a December month, and things like THIS started happening....instead of MURDERS.

If Jason Voorhees starts hanging out at your place, and he's not trying to kill you to death, and instead, he's decorating the bizarre, incongruous tree sitting in your living room for no understandable reason? It's probably a Holiday Season. Otherwise, you'd be deaded his wicked ways.
Some of his pals weren't far behind either. Don't these guys have homes? Or non-psychotic family?

3. My human assistant went to go and have some innocent party times and it turned out that he was actually attending a KRIS KRINGLE. Whatever the heck that is. 

If you turn up to a party and it ends up being a gift exchange of some kind....that's a dead giveaway. 
It's totally a Holiday Season.
Incidentally, the Kris Kringle present turned out to be a vintage KING KONG BUNDY.
It was pretty much the best thing that ever happened to my loyal Human Assistant "A."

4. You start mailing nice things to people in far away lands.

This picture illustrating the last point might seem a little confusing at first, so I'll take you through it.

There once were some instagrammers called Ghosty  B and Rob. These two fellas decided to enter a caption contest over on the Hoardstagram. And then they both won!

Then YOUR pal, Hoardax, with a little help from his friends, mailed Ghosty B and Rob some of his very own hoarded artefacts and seasonal chocolate snacks! With cards attached!

If you are sending nice parcels of goods and snacks with cards attached to people?
Seriously dude, it's The Holidays!

5. You start receiving wonderful presents in the mail yourself. 

If that sorta shizz is happening to YOU, and it's not your birthday, and you didn't order anything from The Hoard Store....I can only assume that a celebration like HOARDSMAS will soon be upon all of us!

If you're not sure what Hoardsmas is my friends, I re-explained it all again very recently over on Hoard Face right HERE.

Meanwhile, here's a VIDEO of us receiving something wonderful in the mail from our friends over at Kaboom Toys. (Look forward to a spotlight on them in the New Year!)

That's it! There's only 2 or 3 sleeps to go depending on where your live on Planet Earth!

I'll see you very soon for HOARDSMAS 2013!!!

Get excited.

yr pal,


*I'm pretty certain that nobody in the history of Hoard Blogging has EVER linked to 1980s TV's Sons And Daughters theme. I just...I can't imagine it. I'm a bit spesh, I am.

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