Wednesday, 6 June 2018

PODCAST GUEST SPOT ON THE LACHLAN MCLEOD SHOW! featuring The Amazon US Australian GST Debacle Debate, The origins of $1 Bloke and a frank discussion on the need for positive portrayals of sex workers

This latest guest spot by yours truly on The Lachlan McLeod Show focuses heavily on the discussion of Amazon's recent decision to cut Australia off from purchasing from its international sites due to new GST laws for purchases under $1000. We talk about what it will potentially mean, the wider implications and its impending impact on those who rely on the variety and accessibility of sites like Amazon as a part of their independence.

And yes. Amazon are cutting Australia off.  It's totally a thing that's happening.

The Lachlan McLeod Show is about navigating life with quadriplegia. It focuses on his passions and adventures in daily living.


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We talk about various action dollies and Lachlan asks me questions about the origin of $1 Hulk Bloke on Instagram/Youtube and the recent video Toy Talk. We mention Deadpool 2 very briefly and that you should totally see it. And that we bought that new Marvel Legends Ghost Rider. OFF AMAZON.