Thursday, 1 January 2015


Nothing says Happy 2015 like a blurry screenshot from the Hoard World 2013 NYE fireworks video.

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope, whether you've already had NYE or are about to, or are still having it, that this finds you in good health during a celebratory time.

I have a few resolutions for Hoard World in 2015 that you might care to know about but first let's take a look at NYE 2014 on Hoard World. It wasn't a huge production but it did result in Hoard World's very first Video Manifesto.

A drunk video manifesto. As (sort-of) requested by YOU.

Screenshot from 1 of 2 videos that contained a shadowy figure and a drunken manifesto.

The original text that introduced the video manifesto on Facey B.

I don't think either of my drunken video manifestos are exactly high art but if you missed either of them over on The Hoardstagram or on Facey, you can go HERE and HERE. 

Next up is something I expect to be doing a lot more of and on a regular basis: Video Spotlights! 

You might have already seen my earliest attempt at a Hoard World Video Review with the Five Dollar Hulk......

Which in turn, was inspired by this......

And eventually lead to the very first Hoard World Spotlight Video of DC Universe Classics Man Bat!

However, all of these were just test-runs for what I made the other day and which I premiere right now for all to see! 

A video spotlight on the DC Universe Classics The Flash action figure!

This is just the beginning. If you like these videos, please subscribe to me on YouTube. I'm sure as time progresses I will get a lot better at these so for the time being please bear with me. I can only guarantee three things: You will see action figures! You will see cats! You will hear my real voice!

Anything beyond that, like actually being entertained, is a bonus. For now.

Finally, what can you expect from Hoard World in 2015? What have I resolved within myself to actually achieve?

Here's the Top 5 New Years Resolutions that I aim to keep in 2015!

1. More cats!

I don't know if you have realised yet but I adopted two beautiful cats (Blossom and Nimoy) about six months ago from an animal rescue shelter. I love them both the best. I would literally rather throw my entire collection on a fire rather than anything happen to them. Fortunately, I don't have to make that choice. Yet.

Now I know you've seen some of them from time to time on Facey B and especially on The Hoardstagram but this is my promise to you that you are about to see a lot more in 2015. I can't help it. They have already appeared in both of my Video Spotlights and it wasn't even on purpose. They're destined to be internet sensations. Or something. I apologise in advance for those of you who hate cats. Sorry. Not Sorry.

2. More VHS for sale on ebay!

Vintage Australian Hellraiser II (with space for Hellraiser) VHS Box.
This has barely been touched upon before on Hoard World since its' inception way back when, but I have an intense VHS collection from years and years of working in video stores in the 90s and 00s as well as buying up everything when stores had sales or eventually closed down.

For about 98% of this VHS collection, I no longer have space. Expect to see a lot more eBay listings with VHS for sale. Also, I implore you, if you are after anything email hoard or hit me up on eBay, there's a very good chance I might have it just as long as I can find it! You may need to be patient if you do request something as I am still sorting them! Also please note that practically my entire collection of VHS is both PAL and ex-rental big box clamshell covers. Awesome but you'd wanna make sure you can play PAL VHS!

2015 is going to be the year of me offloading most of my VHS collection and let me tell you right now - it's a doozy!

Here's the VHS that is currently on offer over at the Hoard Store! Expect more in time! If you're a VHS junkie you should book-mark this link!

3. More focuses on vintage or vintage-style figures!

Guys like 8-Bit Zombie's Thrashor, Kaboom Toys' E.A. Hordacus and Mattel's vintage Skelly.

4. More frequent blog entries!

When I feel like it just isn't cutting it any more.
The last two and a bit years I have averaged 26 entries per year. This happened quite by accident in the first six months of Hoard World in 2012 and in 2013. In 2014, I actually stuck to it on purpose because I rationalised that 26 entries a year is roughly one per fortnight, and that's fine.

It probably isn't. Especially if I ever want to make this blog any bigger than it is. So I am saying now to you and myself for the record that I will aim to write at least once a week on here at a minimum and not saddle myself with a strange bout of OCD over how many blog posts I actually write per year. Like I genuinely did last year.

This is the resolution that is most likely to bite me on my plastic butt.

5. More videos like THIS on The Hoardstagram!

Like THIS.
Whether I manage to succeed on all these promises is a whole other story but between my new-fangled YouTube Video Spotlights and attempts at more frequent blogging and selling on eBay, 2015 is already shaping up to be a year that will give you even more Hoard World bang for your No Buck than ever before!!


Thanks for Hoard Worlding with me in 2014.

All the best to everybody in 2015!

yr pal,


Uncle Klumpy the Golf Chimp's only resolution was to give up smoking.
Wish him luck because he really likes it. More than Golf, even.

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