Tuesday 31 March 2015

Five Christopher Walken Screen Appearances You Probably Haven't Seen

Chris Walken is 72 years young today.

If you've been following Hoard World's adventures for long enough, you will have, no doubt, at some point, come across liberal amounts of references to the triple-threat star of stage and screen that is Chris Walken.

For his 70th birthday a few years back, I even dedicated a blog entry to my love of him, and more recently, the supercut of his dance sequences appeared as No. 1 in my 6 YouTube Videos You Need To See Before You Die extravaganza (which was my mini-tribute to his last birthday).

This year, in lieu of having written any new content whatsoever on this blog for the entire month of March, I figured it was way past due to worship Walken once again.

I mean, I already did it myself in my own time this weekend just past. Each year we host a Christopher Walken's Birthday Party celebration at Hoard World HQ. It's always wonderful and usually goes slightly off the rails in the most unexpected of ways, but as long as there's Walken movies playing on the TV, we all sign his birthday card and we sing Happy Birthday with a nice big cake, we feel we have done everything we possibly can to celebrate.

Let's cut to the chase though, shall we?