Sunday 28 April 2013


This is how Trap Jaw and Fang Man celebrated MOTU Day this year.

I bet you've been crossing off dates on your wall calendar, counting down the sleeps and waiting feverishly in anticipation while looking at a clock. I bet you thought the day would never arrive. Well, it finally has and that time is NOW.

It's Masters Of The Universe Day!

I know there's three or four of you out there that are wondering what MOTU Day is? That's ok. Don't be alarmed, embarrassed or even ashamed of yourself. We're all friends here. Theoretically.

MOTU Day is April 28th or so it was decreed back in 1987 by Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley. He might not have meant for anybody to celebrate it in 1988 or ever again, but it's still an absolute fact. This actually happened. It doesn't matter that it was created for the sole purpose of promoting the POWER TOUR that was running through LA at the time - if it was good enough for Mayor Tom Bradley and the fine people of Los Angeles, it's good enough for you.  MOTU has an actual day. (See: Los Angeles Times Article April 23rd, 1987 to read it transcribed in print)

So it was declared, so it shall be done. Forever and ever.  He-men.

But what are you supposed to do on Masters Of The Universe Day?

I guess that's up to you.

Picture by DOOMKICK.

There were some people out there who did the only thing any right-minded MOTU FAN could summon up the energy to do. They BLOGGED. Oh, how they blogged. They blogged the Stinkor out of it.

History would forever remember them from that day forth as
The Magnificent Seven
...people what done blogs about MOTU on April 28th 2013 and stuff.

Each site has special MOTU surprises for all those playing along at home. It's a veritable treasure trove of content you will almost definitely enjoy: talk about He-man. All of the He-man. It's quite good. You should read it after you read this. The fine folk at DoomKick (who had the bright idea of reviving MOTU Day for the people and spearheaded this cross-over) have done not ONE but three MOTUC reviews covering Skeletor, Battle Armor Skeletor and Snake Face (whom I still haven't received in the mail yet because I live off-planet). Preternia give Fang Man a going over with some fantastic pics. Battlegrip has more MOTU-related content than you can poke a Power Sword at and The Epic Review takes a walk down memory lane with their Top 5 MOTU-related memories! I also have it on good authority that the infamous Poe Ghostal is taking a long, hard look at Jitsu.

But what about lil' ol' me?

How did Hoard World spend MOTU Day? Great question. Glad you asked.

Friday 19 April 2013


"Looks like the little bugger brought some friends with him this time, Hoardax."

This is a very special occasion. This is officially Hoard World's first spotlight on a designer toy line!

What are they? 

That's a great question and I'm glad you asked.