Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Eternia Is Everywhere - Masters of the Universe Fan Art Project

A beautiful quality screenshot from the wonderful quality video you are about to watch.

A little while ago, I came across a guy on eBay who was selling lovely photos of vintage Masters of the Universe figures. I was intrigued to say the least!

I'll let him explain it himself:

(excerpt from his eBay listings) "My name is Marlon. I am a hobby artist and realized my childhood dream in 2011-2013 creating my version of the beloved MotU 80´s advertisement leaflets we all love. In total I took 87 pictures of the vehicles and characters of the MotU 80s toy-line all over Germany and France.

All my pictures are framed and ready for display! Only 1 produced and signed by the artist and together with the GPS-Co-ordinates where it was taken and a picture on the other side  of the displayed motive showing the very place in human perspective.

The whole idea is not new and some of you made similar projects. Anyhow it was and is my dream that all of my 87 pictures will find a new home somewhere in the world. Maybe with you?"

Before long I had some of my very own, you can watch what happened in real time here:

You can visit (and buy) Marlon's remaining one-off pieces right here on eBay and take a look at the Eternia is Everywhere Facebook page here if you're interested in viewing more of his work with some history and commentary behind them.

One thing is for sure, thanks to artists like Marlon: Eternia really is everywhere!

yr pal,


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