Thursday, 13 June 2013


So many questions. So many answers. So little time. So much to say.

Regular readers of the Hoard World Facey B may remember a new segment instituted a few weeks ago entitled ASK HOARDAX.

For those who came in late, this was a new forum where you could ask ME anything you like about anything you like! Whether it be hoarding related, cooking tips or relationship advice - I'm ready to believe you!*

This was originally supposed to be a weekly occurrence on Facey B, but during early experiments I decided that, if anything, it should instead exist as ongoing semi-regular rounds, similar in format (if not in content) to something like ASK MATTY.

I open up the floor, you guys submit the questions and  then everything is collated into a lovely, more in-depth blog post right here on Hoard World for all to see!

And here we are. So, let's begin shall we? Round One of Ask Hoardax.............