Monday, 5 August 2013


Hi everybody!

A couple of weeks ago we upgraded the look of the Hoard World blog. Unfortunately, due to poor formatting practices of the past, this means that a massive chunk of Ye Olde Hoard World (predominantly almost everything from 2012 and one or two from 2013) now needs to be re-worked so you can even read it again properly. Given that a lot of it is older material (and some of it being not even very good), your pal Hoardax has been taking his sweet time and prioritising what goes back up first.

Rest assured, everything will be back up within the next little while. We say "little while" because it should be clear to regular readers by now that Hoardax has absolutely no concept of time. It's just safer to say a "little while." In Hoard World Time, this could mean a few days or a couple of months. We're hoping it's the former.

This new format shouldn't affect brand new posts but in terms of any currently live entries that link back to earlier entries (especially something like the recent 1st anniversary retrospective entry which is littered with links to previous articles etc), obviously those links will be redundant for now.

We apologise for any convenience. (If any)

Get On Board The Hoard!

Hoardax's Human Assistant.

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