Friday 12 July 2013


All photos taken and text written in this guest spot by Jesse Chagnon.

This is a guest article by prolific toy review site DOOM KICK! Thanks for getting on board The Hoard Dr. Rampageo!

Greetings Hoard Worlders! 

Doctor Rampageo from here.

Running DoomKick and Rampageo Industries keeps me pretty busy, but when I do get a chance to leave Rampageo Island, I like to spend a few weeks on Hoard World; selling inventions in the bazaar, teaching villagers the DoomKick fighting style, and drinking rum punch with Hoardax until the wee hours, when Hordak comes down in his jim jams yelling at us to turn our Ace of Base records down!

That's vacation times though, and this is big time toy blog business! Today I'm here to talk about 5 action figures (or full lines) that I love for their awesome articulation. Let's get down to it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics:

These guys are jam packed with nearly any joint you can think of, and on top of that their chunkiness makes getting their center of gravity to hold nearly any pose a breeze.  The well detailed weapons with places to store them on the figure seals the deal. Mikey, Donny, Leo, and Raph have all been reviewed on DoomKick if you want the full skinny on these awesome figures.

Click on pics for larger images.

Star Wars Vintage Collection Sandtrooper:

Everyone loves Stormtroopers right? In addition to the awesome armor, and the ability to swap these guys from Sandtroopers to regular Stormtroopers. The SWVC Sandtrooper also has what is (unfortunately) a rare feature among SW figures, the swivel/hinge hips really opens the figure up for posing. Because of the poses you can get them into I like to outfit my troopers with lightsabers, and then proceed to make them duel. The full details of this figure can be found here.

 Predator toys by NECA:

I'm not sure when it happened exactly, but in recent times NECA has gone from middle of the road figures to making some killer stuff. Among the many incredible licenses NECA has acquired, the Predator line really stands out to me. From the litany of awesome Predators to the good amount of Dutch variants, these guys just rock! On top of the awesome sculpts, each figure is also very well articulated. NECA also manages to hide most of the joints very well, which really helps when taking amazing looking pictures. You can find reviews of this Predator and Dutch at...You guessed it Doomkick.

Assemble Borgs: 

This revoltech line mixes a great style, and awesome accessories with a ton of great joints. Your posing options with an Assemble Borg are near endless. In fact the only real problem with Assemble Borgs is finding one to can get them on eBay (like most things) , but finding them at a normal retailer isn't very likely to happen. These guys are made with building in mind, and I have long lusted after the motor cycle which appears to have enough parts to build some crazy stuff. I never reviewed this guy on DoomKick so if you want more details you will have to find them on your own.

Masters of the Universe Classics:

These figures take to a camera lens like a fish to water. Take your pick of the line, go get your camera, and take a picture ... I promise you will love the results. These guys have the right mix of articulation, great details, and a large size to be ready for their close up.  I can't wait to take the review pictures every month when the MOTUC box comes in. You can see tons of awesome MOTUC pics here on Hoard World, and as one of my favorite lines a ton of reviews of them over at DoomKick.

Well that's it for my Hoard Word guest spot. Big thanks to Hoardax for letting me get on the mic for a bit! Now if you will excuse me, I have a Star Cruiser headed back to earth to catch.

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