Friday 25 December 2015

Hoardsmas 2015: Vintage 80s / 90s Australian Toy Catalogues

Oh, hey. Long time no see. Soz. It's been quite a year. I've been a tad tardy with my bloggings.

I just thought I'd pop in and say:



Now that's out of the way, let me take you on a journey through some vintage Australian toy catalogues from both Zig-Zag and Toyworld, courtesy of my pal Mr. Brendan Ryan.

If you follow the Hoard World page on Facey B, you will likely have run into Brendan or heard mention of him via links. But if not, you will no doubt recall his magnificent toy catalogue collection that was featured way back in 2013 with THIS POST.

But wait, there's more. Quite a bit more. And today we're going to take a look at a bit more of these catalogues that are exclusive to the Hoard World blog. Thanks to Brendan.

I realise I could have maybe put these catalogue pages in their original order or added my patented commentary to many of the pics, but you know what? It's Hoardsmas. And I have a belly full of ice-cream.

Instead, I will occasionally insert a scene direct from Hoardsmas 2015, just to interrupt the constant Zig-Zag toy catalogue nostalgia.

That's no ordinary tinsel, Moss Man! Look out! Behind you! Behind you!

The awkward part about He-man's present for Uncle Skelly is that it's almost entirely made up of moustache wax and facial cleanser. He-man has a terrible memory.

And that's it for this Zig-Zag catalogue!

Might be time for a nap.

I hope whatever you are doing this festive season, no matter what you are or aren't celebrating, that you are having a truly wonderful time. And if not, I hope things get better for you soon.

I want to genuinely thank everybody out there that has supported Hoard World in 2015, you all mean so much to me and my life would be infinitely less good without your existence. 

No pressure, though. I'm not needy or anything.

Have a great Hoardsmas, whatever that is for you.

always yr pal,


Here's a few more toy catalogue scans for the road. Most of these are from Toy World catalogues. One or two pics may have previously appeared on Hoard World.


This kid's hair cut is outstanding.

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  1. What if I want them to come SPIDER CRAWLING back to me? Like Linda Blair? Have you got a video for that, Spams?