Sunday 2 August 2015

Masters of the Universe Classics Light Hope Figure Review (Mattel)

This review was originally published way back in November 2014 on It was written specifically for the Doomkick site so may contain specific references to the site etc. Due to the age of the article, some of the information contained within may have dated somewhat. This is the very last of my guest reviews on other sites to date. With the exception of the little piece I contributed to Dinosaur Dracula a billion years ago, all my off-site work has now been republished right here on Hoard World! Yay! You can check out the originally published version of this Light Hope review at the Doomkick site here. Thanks for reading!

Light Hope. Yes. That guy. One of the three extra special BFFs along with Madame Razz and Kowl who knew She-Ra's secret identity. Also pretty much one of the hardest characters to ever make an action figure out of.

Because he's just a beam of rainbow-esque light (see above). You know?

Unless you do something almost cool but mostly awful like NECA's "Lightning Gremlin" action figure, you're really up Snake Mountain without a power sword when it comes to making an action figure of Light Hope.

Yet they did. And here he is.

He's kinda like if the Spirit of Hordak and Castle Grayskullman had a love child. Think about this for a moment. Humor me. He's one part completely unnecessary and translucent. One part pretty dopey looking with bad hair choices and basically a mash-up figure of a vintage play set.

Seriously? What's with his facial hair? Why would he even have any? But it's too late to start asking questions like that about this sort of thing if you're a MOTUC completist. This deep into the line, just squint your eyes and keep them on the prize that is December 2015, when it's allegedly all over. (Edit: Which we all know by now is a bunch of old hooey. He-man figures will keep getting made for the rest of our natural lives.)

Like I said though - this humanoid incarnation of the beam of light that was Light Hope is totally Crystal Castle Man. As if his armour isn't enough of a giveaway, look at his staff.

This bizarrely makes me ache for a Snake Mountain Man figure but let's not give Mattel any ideas. Especially now that Toy Guru is no longer with us. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get a worse version of it.

So with the mention of Castle Grayskullman (and the fact that I can't find where my own Spirit of Hordak has projected himself off to) it seems only fitting that Light Hope and CG Man should face off. As is the tradition with DoomKick Reviews. Or at least that's what it said in my contract.


It got pretty serious back there. Who knew Light Hope had it in him?

I mean...really very serious. I hope Castle Grayskullman had insurance.

Overall, I don't hate Light Hope but I could have lived without him as well. I don't like his translucent 90s goatee and despite the fact he's wearing sick Crystal Castle themed duds, he actually makes Castle Grayskullman look a lot better (even with his stupid blonde skullet).

Do you need to own him? Probably not. Is he a bit of fun? Absolutely.

Can he stand up independently most of the time? Not at all. 

But I'll let that last one fly for now since he's only just gotten used to having a humanoid body.

Being that he was just a weird beam of light type guy for the last 30 years up until a few months ago.

I'll leave you with a candid behind-the-scenes shot from the set of this photo shoot. 

Oh, what a relief. It was all make believe! I knew Doomkick couldn't afford the real Castle Grayskull Man on their indie budget. FYI it gets real sweaty in that foam CG Man suit. Dr. Rampageo could have at least paid for our catering.



Edit: As an added bonus (oooh! lucky you!), here's a screenshot of the original comments from this review. Thanks again for reading.

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