Saturday 20 August 2016

The Blog is dead! Long live The Blog!

This will be news to absolutely nobody that has been to this page in the last 9 months but as much as I love this blog page and with as many good intentions as I have to update it or write anything of worth, it just doesn't look like that's ever happening.

That's not to say that I won't at some point. I can do what I like.

But until then, let's make it official. Hoard World The Blog has gone to lunch.

If you "need" me, you can find me most often at The Hoardstagram.

If you have only just stumbled across this blog, have read the last 96 entries and thought, "Boy howdy! I could sure use some more of this!", there's always Facey B.

And even though Machete don't tweet, I occasionally do that too.

The last four years have been a wild ride*. I thank everybody who has ever read anything I've written on here. I look forward to having something to write about again one day. Until that time, all my stream of consciousness musings, links to better stuff and photos of nice things will be turning up exclusively on those other platforms I mentioned.



*I use the term "wild ride" extremely loosely in this context. 
I'm not riding a bomb out of a plane like Slim Pickens
It's just freaking blogging.


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