Monday, 10 September 2012


Note: This Hoard World Adventure continues to exist online only for posterity. Charity Hoard (at least THIS particular incarnation of it) has concluded for now, and for the most part it was a success! A big thanks to ManTenor, those fine folks at All Star Comics and YOU.

We're doing something a little different this month in the cabinet, along with our usual swag of Hoard World-y treats.

In conjunction with the wonderful people at ALL STAR COMICS we're supporting an early-adopting fellow Hoard Worlder who only wishes to be known as ManTenor, by showcasing a whole bunch of his Hoard that he wants to pass on to the people in more ways than one.

Earlier in the month, ManTenor approached Hoard World and said that he had a bunch of lovely stuff that he'd hoarded over the years and now wanted to find a good home for. But on top of that, he had decided to donate the proceeds of whatever he sells entirely to CHARITY.

Naturally, this sounded like a wonderful idea to us and we wanted to get on board in whatever way we could. Enter: Those wonderful chaps at All Star Comics Melbourne. With their toy cabinet space and our love of taking photos of Hoards hanging out together - we've combined to provide a space for ManTenor to display his items and the means to sell them.

100% of the proceeds made on the following sets of toys will be donated by ManTenor in their entirety to LIFELINE.

And so we present to you: CHARITY HOARD.

If you want any of these figures - they are all waiting for you in the ALL STAR COMICS toy cabinet. (In fact they're right next to Hoard World's current batch.)

For exact pricing and a bunch more photos check out the CHARITY HOARD facebook album for details.

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