Tuesday 25 December 2012


Everybody loves LOG from Blammo! for Hoardsmas.
It's Big! It's Heavy! It's Wood! It's LOG! LOG! It's better than bad, it's good!
(The only LOG commercial I could find on YouTube was German. Just replace the word "Klotz" with "LOG" and it's pretty much the same. Unless you're German, in which case...as you were.)

It wouldn't be Hoardsmas without a nice big Hoard Bat on the top of the tree!
Fortunately, He-man's pretty handy and had Battle Cat to give him a boost or we might've been in trouble. 
Trap Jaw's hook hand came in especially useful for decorating the tree.
Skeletor's brother Terry is a Dragon Wrangler by trade. Turns out  Dragons are perfect at hanging ornaments in those hard to reach places.  Not sure how Vykron felt about having his Gun Turret used as a Shiny Bauble Hanger, though.
I haven't seen Trap Jaw this happy since he ate an old rusted pipe the day before last!
Everybody's acutely aware of Black Mask's penchant for  masks  but here's one somebody guessed  he didn't have yet  and desperately needed.
Wonder Woman: "Oh Boy! This Invisible LOG from Blammo is going to go just great with my Invisible Plane! Thanks Black Mask!"
Black Mask: "You're very welcome Dee. Thanks for the Batman Mask but is Batsy going to notice this one missing, come after me and kick my sweet bipi ?
Wonder Woman: "Nah, he has so many that he'll never even know but If you call me 'Dee' again, I'll take your head off. Merry Hoardsmas."
"I can haz Fruit Mince Pie?"

"Om nom nom nom."

To all The Hoard Worlders out there, 
May you and yours have a mighty fine time no matter what you're celebrating.

But once you've gotten your own traditions out of the way, don't forget to have yourself a Very Merry Hoardsmas.

All the best,
yr pal,


Everything you've seen in this episode of Hoard World (except for the props and Wonder Woman) is going to be available FOR SALE (either loose or carded or both!) right here at the HOARD STORE in the New Year! 

EDIT: They ARE Available NOW!

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