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General Skale from Slimes Wave 2
If you know Hoardax, then you'll know that he likes slime. He does have a plastic slime-filled heart after all.

So, it should be no surprise to you Hoard Worlders at home, that he is incredibly proud to share with you this exclusive reveal from our good friends over at Doom Kick!

The next release in The Exciting World of Jalldoon: Slimes from Rampageo Industries is right around the corner!

This release consists of four All New SLIMES, as well as an all new full size magnet articulated figure and a few surprises!

We previously covered the first series of Rampageo Industries' Slimes right HERE.

Following's earlier reveals of Princess Ikari and King Valdar, HOARD WORLD is exclusively previewing the next two evil characters from this brand new wave. The fearsome General Skale and the plague-bringing Delgon (brother of wave 1's Jelgon) are ready to bring ruin to the forces of good!

Get on it.

Here's some exclusive pics of these evil guys, along with their bio direct from Dr. Rampageo himself!

Most Slimes in Master Boshak's army are there because he used his evil powers to "convert" them, but not Skale...He was just plain evil from birth. Boshak first met Skale when he was hanging in a gibbet on the side of the road; Boshak asked what his crimes were to which Skale replied “everything and anything".  Boshak freed Skale from his prison, and in a short time Skale's ruthless nature brought him to lead Boshak's forces in the field. His brutal fighting style and his ability to instill fear has lead to him taking command of not only the evil Slimes, but also Baron Draktholme's forces into battle. Skale is the basis of many people’s nightmares, and with good reason.

GENERAL SKALE (side view)

Delgon Shan joined Master Boshak’s army shortly after his brother was converted. Being big, strong, and of average intelligence Delgon wasn’t much use for anything besides  basic grunt work and heavy lifting, but that all changed when Boshak and Baron Draktholm joined forces to take over all of Jalldoon. Delgon was sent to the Baron's labs where the evil lord's scientists conducted vile experiments, and was eventually infected with the any number of diseases.

Pockmarked and scarred when he left the labs, Delgon took his anger out on one of Boshak's evil Slime guard that was passing by. The guard fell back against the wall and gasped as his body was covered in bumps and boils, but the real treat came when Delgon realized he could now telepathically control the guard. After Boshak found out about these abilities he immediately put Delgon on his main attack force.  Since then Delgon has been infecting unfortunate innocent Slimes to add to his masters ranks.

DELGON (side view)
Slimes Wave 2 will first be available at New York Comic Con as a  NYCC exclusive "full Set" of all 8 Slimes (Waves 1 and 2) in a special colorway, as well as a few "preview" sets in the 4 colors Wave 2 will be available in!

Keep your eyes on Rampageo Industries and DoomKick.Com for all the details as the time gets closer. 

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